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I find very particular things to be admirable on Steven Universe.

I honestly didn’t expect to like this episode with the lack of the gems, but there was this moment that made my heart stop and really appreciate it.

This is the scene where Saddie takes Lars’ hand and just sort of rubs it with her thumb. That is such a minuscule detail….and yet it was probably the defining moment of me looking at this cartoon and truly recognizing its display of human emotions. 

This episode is filled with a very emotional Saddie, that doesn’t just demonstrate it through frowning and crying, but a variety of faces, gestures, and over all panic that shows just how hurt she was. 

But that simple moment where she strokes Lars’ hand- something we all do mindlessly and yet I have never witnessed anyone animate that demonstration of pure affection really blows me away.

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I decided to finnally make my own giveaway c:
It will everything be handmade by me! The prizes are:

A pair of horns,
A pair of fins,
A small cosplay accessory of your choice.

If you’re not in the Homestuck fandom and you’re not planning to do a Homestuck cosplay, you can ask me to do not homestuck horns, like fawn or deer ones. Same with the fins, I’ll make mermaid ones of color and shape of your

Please don’t ask me to make TOO BIG stuff because worldwide shipping is really expensive and I can’t deal with it. :c sorry for that. You have to be confortable giving me your address. When the giveaway ends, I’ll ask you your headcanon or an explanation of how you want the stuff. I’ll make everything as you wish, and also if you want to know more about how I make stuff you can see my cosplay tag on my blog. If you want to ask something I’m always here! I ship from Italy, so you may be wait some time. Also I have to make it.

-You have to follow me.
-Reblog as many times as you want, it’s ok if you use a giveaway blog.
-Like doesn’t count but if you want to save it, of course you can!
-If you don’t respond in 24 hours I’ll chose another one.
-Shipping everywhere! 
-I’ll chose 3 random winners.
-It will end on 1 February 2015, H: 00.00, Italian time zone (+1)


The first one, will have a pair of horns, a pair of fins, and a accessory.
The second one can chose 2 prizes.
The third one can chose only one

Hope you’ll like it!

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Buceo con mis patines puestos.

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Some real stunning Japanese Scott Pilgrim fan art.

I think Bryan Lee O’Malley said it best when he first saw these: “omgawwwd.”


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